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About Atari 2600 Cookie Monster Munch

For Ages 3-7

Dive into a world where education meets entertainment, featuring your favorite Sesame Street Muppets and a cast of whimsical characters. This collaboration brings together the brilliant minds behind Sesame Street, Electric Company, and 3-2-1 Contact with Atari’s legendary game designers to create a unique blend of creative storytelling, technological innovation, and educational expertise, making learning an exciting adventure for kids.

Our Secret Recipe for Fun Learning:

  • A dash of creative magic,
  • A sprinkle of technological wizardry,
  • A heap of educational expertise,
    Equals a groundbreaking formula for dynamic, age-appropriate video games that kids adore!

With Atari/CCW Video Games, Families Can Enjoy:

  • Shared play experiences,
  • Engaging challenges that evolve with your child,
  • Endless hours of fun,
  • Peaceful, cooperative gameplay,
  • Games that appeal equally to both girls and boys.

This game is a collaboration between ATARI, INC. and CHILDREN’S COMPUTER WORKSHOP, featuring beloved JIM HENSON’s SESAME STREET MUPPET characters.


  • A Note to Parents
  • Setup Instructions
  • A Story to Read Aloud
  • How to Play
  • Additional Activities with Cookie Monster
  • Overview of Game Levels

A Note to Parents:

Cookie Monster Munch is designed to help young learners develop essential pre-reading skills through engaging gameplay:

  • Maze navigation sharpens hand-eye coordination, crucial for reading and writing.
  • Following directional arrows introduces children to print symbols.
  • Using the controller teaches relational concepts like up, down, left, and right.

Play alongside your child, using directional words and encouraging them to do the same, enhancing their learning experience.

Setting Up:

Using the Atari Kid’s Controller:

  • Plug the controller into the left jack of your Atari 2600 console.
  • Use the colorful keypad overlay to assist your child during gameplay.
  • Remember to turn off the console power when inserting or removing cartridges.

Using the Atari 2600 Console Controls:

  • Power on/off,
  • Select from 10 game levels using the GAME SELECT switch,
  • Begin or restart games with the GAME RESET switch.
  • Difficulty switches are not used in this game.

A Read-Aloud Story: “The Cookie Garden”

Join Cookie Monster in a magical cookie garden adventure! Discover how Cookie Monster finds a garden where cookies grow like flowers, and how he learns to share this bounty with a new friend, the Cookie Kid, planning a special party.

How to Play:

Help Cookie Monster collect cookies for his jar through various garden mazes. The game offers different levels of difficulty and modes, including single-player and timed challenges, where players can be either Cookie Monster or the Cookie Kid, dodging Cookie Monster to fill the jar.

Game Variations:

  • Early levels focus on simple maze navigation for cookie collection.
  • Advanced levels introduce timed challenges and competition with Cookie Monster.
  • The Super Challenge Game tests memory with invisible mazes.

More Fun with Cookie Monster:

Engage in book activities designed to extend the fun beyond the screen, including sequencing exercises, drawing, maze navigation, and imaginative play.

Game Matrix:

A quick reference guide to the game levels, indicating the difficulty and whether the game is timed, providing a clear path for progression and challenge for your child.

Enjoy a blend of fun, learning, and adventure with Cookie Monster Munch, where early skills blossom in a world of imaginative play and educational exploration.

Cookie Monster Munch Atari 2600 game facts

GAME TITLE: Cookie Monster Munch

PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: Atari original





GAME GENRE: Educational