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About Atari 2600 Front Line

Front Line is a military-themed run and gun video game released by Taito for arcades in 1982, and later ported to Atari 2600 in 1984. In the game, players assume the role of a lone soldier whose ultimate objective is to lob a hand grenade into the enemy’s fort. To achieve this, the player must first fight off infantry units, then battle tanks, and finally reach the opponent’s compound.

The player begins with two weapons, a pistol and grenades, both with unlimited ammunition. As the player advances further into enemy territory, they enter the “tank warfare” stage, where they can hijack a tank to fight off other enemy tanks. There are two types of tanks available: a light tank armed with a machine gun and a heavy tank armed with a cannon. Each has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of speed, durability, and firepower.

The tank battle continues until the player reaches the enemy’s fort, which is a brick-barricaded tank that fires mortar rounds. The player must exit their tank and toss a grenade over the brick barricade on foot to destroy the enemy tank. Once successful, an enemy soldier waves a white flag, signaling surrender and awarding the player 1,000 bonus points.

The game then repeats, beginning with the infantry level. However, enemy soldiers become increasingly quicker and deadlier in successive rounds, and points are multiplied based on the level played. The player must continue to balance their offensive and defensive tactics to progress through the game and achieve a high score.

Front Line Atari 2600 game facts

GAME TITLE: Front Line

PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: 3rd party