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About Atari 2600 Krull

Krull is an Atari 2600 video game based on the 1983 science fantasy film Krull and published in 1983. The game follows the movie’s plot and consists of four distinct screens.

  1. The first level begins with the player, as Colwyn, at his wedding to Lyssa, which is interrupted by the extraterrestrial Slayers. The game continues to generate new Slayers for the player to fight until he is overwhelmed, and Lyssa is abducted to the Black Fortress.
  2. The player then traverses the Iron Desert on a Fire Mare, stocking up on Colwyn’s magical throwing weapon, the Glaive, by pressing the button each time the horse rides over one.
  3. The next level takes place in the lair of the Widow of the Web. The player must jump between moving threads of web, working their way upward towards the Widow at the top of the screen, while avoiding a giant spider. After completing this task, the Widow reveals the location of the Black Fortress, and the player again rides a Fire Mare through the Iron Desert to reach it. If the player fails to arrive at the given location at the correct time of day, according to a timer at the top of the screen, they lose a life and must return to the Widow to find out the Fortress’s new location.
  4. Upon reaching the Black Fortress, the player must penetrate the energy barrier surrounding Lyssa with the Glaive (of which the player has a limited number), while the Beast attempts to block the player’s shots and hit them with fireballs. If the Glaive hits the Beast, or is not caught on the rebound by the player, that Glaive is lost. If all the player’s Glaives are lost, they are expelled from the Fortress and must return to the Widow of the Web level, discover the new location of the Black Fortress, and traverse the Iron Desert again.

If the player manages to break through the barrier surrounding Lyssa, she transforms into a fireball that the player can throw at the Beast. If the fireball hits, the player wins, and the game starts over at a higher level of difficulty.

Krull Atari 2600 game facts


PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: Atari original