Mario Bros.

Mario Bros. is a 1983 platform game developed for arcades by Nintendo. Atari 2600 version was released in the same year. Mario Bros. gameplay Mario Bros. features two plumbers, Mario and Luigi, having to investigate the sewers of New York after strange creatures have been appearing down there. The objective of the game is to … Read more

Elevator Action

This is prototype. It appears to be almost complete, but still needs some work to be a finished Atari 2600 game. An August 1984 internal memo states it was 85% done with 8 more weeks needed, although the onscreen copyright date is 1983.(source:


Sears title: Berzerk Licensed by Stern Electronics BERZERK ORIGINAL ATARI 2600 INSTRUCTION MANUAL GOING BONKERS WITH BERZERK   The Astro Date is 3200 and you are the last survivor of a small group of earth people who came to explore the planet Mazeon. Soon after landing, you discovered the planet is a dark, apparently uninhabitable … Read more