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About Atari 2600 Challenge of Nexar

Atari 2600: The Challenge of Nexar Instruction Manual

For Atari and Sears Video Game Systems

Welcome to a journey beyond the realms of known galaxies and the constraints of time, to the crucible of inner strength and future warriors. In a distant universe corner, candidates are rigorously trained, yet only the elite withstand the Challenge of Nexar.

Important Notice

Proceed with Caution

The Challenge of Nexar is suited for those of cadet rank or higher. Spectravision disclaims responsibility for any who venture into Nexar unprepared. This challenge is not recommended for individuals with high blood pressure or an aversion to video games.

The Levels of Nexar

Daring to face the challenge, you will be transported to the space warp’s entrance upon verification of your identity cartridge.

Your mission involves the destruction of RADIOACTIVE BEACONS, protected by SAUCERS that detonate upon impact.

Survive all ninety-nine levels to attain the rank of SPECTRA-WARRIOR, with special honors awaiting those who surpass the ultimate challenge.

Setting Up

  1. Connect your game console.
  2. Insert the game cartridge with the console power switch set to “OFF”.
  3. Power on the console to start.
  4. Enter Demo Mode.
  5. Adjust Difficulty Switches as follows:
  • Left Switch: A for 5 Shields, B for 3 Shields.
  • Right Switch: A to lose a Shield when time expires, B to lose the game when time expires.
  1. Select your game mode:
  • Game 1 for Practice, Game 2 for Advanced Practice, and Game 3 for the full Challenge of Nexar.
  1. Use the Color Switch for “PAUSE” mode.
  2. Operate with the Joystick Controller.

Entering the Warp

Starting at level one, your task is to obliterate all BEACONS, indicated by the BEACON counter. Utilize the joystick to target and eliminate SAUCERS and BEACONS. Continuous movement is vital to evade collisions, with each impact costing you a shield.

Time is of the essence. Annihilate all BEACONS before time elapses to progress.

Each level begins with a reset timer and either 3 or 5 shields, with a bonus shield awarded for every 10,000 points scored.

Test Results

Scoring Mechanism

Nexar comprises 99 levels, with a maximum score limit of 999,995 points. SAUCERS vary in speed, with points awarded based on the speed at destruction.

BEACONS yield 200 points each, multiplied by the current level number, escalating the challenge as you advance.

Player Ratings

  • Cadet: 0 – 29,995 points
  • Advanced Cadet: 30,000 – 99,995 points
  • Star Warrior: 100,000 – 299,995 points
  • Spectra Warrior: 300,000 – 699,995 points
  • Legion of the Chosen: 700,000 – 999,995 points

Embark on the Challenge of Nexar, and carve your name among the legends of the universe.

Challenge of Nexar Atari 2600 game facts

GAME TITLE: Challenge of Nexar

PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: 3rd party