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About Atari 2600 Condor Attack

Atari 2600 Condor Attack Overview

By Ultravision

Earth Base Command Directives

In an advanced future, a million years ahead, Earth faces a catastrophic event. An intergalactic conflict has led to a massive space-time explosion, regressing civilization to the Stone Age. Humanity, now in its most primitive form, faces the resurrected Condor, a creature from a bygone era, now more formidable and terrifying than ever.

Defense Command Briefing

As the commander of the sole advanced weapon to withstand the “Millennium Warp,” you find yourself isolated at a distant firebase. Your mission is critical and challenging: operate the galactic disintegrator to fend off this lethal threat. It’s imperative to thoroughly understand these instructions, ready your equipment, and focus intently on the imminent battle.

Gameplay adjustments via the difficulty switches are possible before the game but should remain static during play.

Selecting Difficulty Levels:

  • Left Difficulty Switch & Right Difficulty Switch for Earth Firebase Dimension:
  • A & A for Large dimension
  • B & B for Small dimension

The size of your firebase affects your evasion capabilities against the Condor’s assaults. A smaller firebase allows for quicker dodging of enemy attacks—a choice that lies in your hands.

Choose your game mode with the “game select” switch on your console. Your selection will be indicated on the screen’s lower left.

The revival of the great Condor has also unleashed two additional foes: the swift Nirobean Spider and the venomous Vulcanian Bat, each with unique abilities to target your firebase.

Command Objectives

The goal is to protect Earth and humanity from these formidable adversaries, allowing the remnants of human scientists to devise a method to undo the time warp and restore civilization.

Control your firebase with the joystick, maneuvering to avoid or counterattack enemies. The red button on your joystick fires back at the attackers.

Scoring and Enemy Engagement

You start with 6 galactic disintegrator firebases. Points vary by the enemy’s size and the gameplay difficulty level. Progressing through levels increases the frequency and complexity of Condor, Spider, and Bat attacks, including their attack patterns and screen reappearances.

Points System:

  • Small Upper Steady Attacker: 3 points
  • Points increase with the level of difficulty, from 10 to 99 points.

Earn extra firebases for every consecutive 1000 points (up to 9 additional), enhancing your defense capabilities against these ancient threats.

Condor Attack Atari 2600 game facts

GAME TITLE: Condor Attack

PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: 3rd party