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About Atari 2600 Cross Force


Victory Announcement:

Spectra-warriors, rejoice! The long battle against the planet Spectra’s invaders, the Morpuls, has finally ended. These foes have retreated to Tzoris, but our quest for justice isn’t over. Now, armed with our secret weapon, the Spectron, it’s time to strike back and honor our fallen.

Introducing the Spectron:

Our latest arsenal addition, the Spectron, boasts the capability to project a holographic dual laser blaster, trapping enemies in lethal crossfire. However, be cautious; this powerful technology is still in its experimental phase and prone to overheating.

Enemy Alert – The Morpuls:

These mechanoid menaces, capable of surviving the void of space, are designed for destruction. Transported in massive carriers, they come in four dangerous types:

  1. Gupoids
  2. Flashers
  3. Parasoids
  4. Nastroids

The Nastroids, forming the elite of the Morpul forces, will show no mercy.

Game Setup Instructions:

  1. Connect your console and insert the Cross Force cartridge with the power off.
  2. Turn the console on.
  3. Utilize the “TAKE-A-BREAK” feature for pauses by switching the “COLOR” switch to “B&W.”
  4. Select your game mode from four options, varying the Spectron’s alignment and multiplayer settings.
  5. Adjust the difficulty switches for desired Spectron speed.

Mastering the Spectron:

Control your base laser with the joystick, choosing between diagonal or parallel Spectron configurations for strategic attacks. Your ship is equipped with four spectrons, each with limited energy. Keep an eye on your energy levels and refuel by targeting energy packs dispatched from Spectra.

Combat Strategy:

Focus on the Morpuls, ignoring their indestructible transports. Each destroyed Morpul ship releases two warriors ready to strike. Defend both your base and outer lasers from their assaults. Overheating your laser will temporarily disable it, so manage your firing rate wisely.

Scoring and Rewards:

Eliminate waves of Morpuls in ascending order of threat for points, with a bonus spectron awarded for every 10,000 points. The highest achievers will be honored with the Medal of Klig, among other distinctions.

Scoring System:

  • First wave: 10 points per ship.
  • Subsequent waves increase in point value, with both the attack ship and Morpul warriors contributing to your score.

Awards for Bravery:

  • Scores range from the Purple Heart for the initial milestones to the prestigious Medal of “Klig” for top warriors.

Embark on this critical mission to secure our galaxy’s future and etch your name in the annals of Spectra’s defenders.

Cross Force Atari 2600 game facts

GAME TITLE: Cross Force

PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: 3rd party