Cross Force

Overview Victory Announcement: Spectra-warriors, rejoice! The long battle against the planet Spectra’s invaders, the Morpuls, has finally ended. These foes have retreated to Tzoris, but our quest for justice isn’t over. Now, armed with our secret weapon, the Spectron, it’s time to strike back and honor our fallen. Introducing the Spectron: Our latest arsenal addition, … Read more

China Syndrome

In “China Syndrome” for the Atari 2600, you’re tasked with averting a nuclear disaster on Spectra Island. Following an earthquake, the island’s reactor has been compromised, leaking radioactive particles. Your mission is to control a robotic arm to secure these particles before the radiation escalates to a critical meltdown. The game screen is divided into … Read more

Master Builder

Atari 2600 Master Builder is a construction-themed game where you play as a builder trying to complete the construction of several buildings in Spectraville. At the start of each level, a blueprint of the building will appear on the screen for 5 seconds, and you must remember its design. Your task is to gather bricks … Read more


In Atari 2600 Mangia, the player controls a young boy who must eat plates of pasta placed in front of him by his mother, who will keep feeding him until his stomach explodes on-screen. To prevent this, the player can throw the pasta to a cat, who occasionally appears at the window, and a dog, … Read more

Gangster Alley

Gangster Alley is an Atari 2600 game that challenges players to take down a group of five notorious criminals who have evaded the Spectravision Bureau of Investigation (S.B.I.) and are hiding out in Gangster Alley. These criminals have taken a woman and a child hostage, and it’s up to the player to eliminate the criminals … Read more


In TapeWorm, you play as Slinky the tapeworm, navigating through a bean patch and eating beans. As you eat beans, your body grows longer, and the bean count decreases. Beans appear randomly in the patch, and your objective is to eat them before the beetle at the bottom moves from the left side to the … Read more

Planet Patrol

In Atari 2600’s Planet Patrol, you embark on a mission to locate and annihilate enemy fuel depots. Your spaceship flies to the left while you control its vertical movement. At the outset, you must shoot larger, red enemy ships and dodge smaller, blue missiles. Avoid shooting the black ship; instead, dock with it to refuel … Read more

Bumper Bash

Bumper Bash is a pinball simulation game for the Atari 2600, offering players an engaging pinball experience on the console. Players control the game using paddle controllers, with the left and right buttons operating the flippers and the plunger. To initiate gameplay, players press the right button to pull down the plunger and the left … Read more