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About Atari 2600 Open Sesame

In Atari 2600’s Open Sesame, you are transported into a mysterious and exotic world, taking on the role of the courageous adventurer from ancient Arabia, Ali Baba. Your objective is to make your way up to the treasure-laden hilltop, dodging the keen guards by going up and down, and utilizing ropes to navigate your path. Capture the magic ball to defeat your enemies and, after overcoming all the challenges, hear the magical phrase “Open Sesame!” as your world of imagination comes to life.

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up your video game system.
  2. Ensure the power is off before plugging in your cartridge.
  3. Turn on the power, and the game screen will appear.
  4. Plug your controller into the left controller connector, holding it with the red button in the upper left while playing.
  5. The difficulty switch has no effect in Open Sesame.
  6. Press the Reset switch to restart the game. As you progress, the speed will increase.
  7. To start playing:
  • Ali Baba appears automatically on the first floor.
  • Each floor has two points where Ali Baba can throw ropes to reach the next level.
  • Guide Ali Baba to complete two ropes on each floor to access the treasure.
  1. Controls:
  • Move Ali Baba using the joystick in four directions: up, down, left, and right.
  • Press the red button to throw ropes.
  • While climbing, keep the joystick in the center to make Ali Baba stay on the upper part of the rope to avoid guards.
  • Seize the opportunity to catch the magic ball, which can turn guards into golden statues.
  • Be mindful of the time limit while using the magic ball, as indicated by Ali Baba’s changing color.
  • The magic ball can also revive the statues.
  1. Scoring:
  • Throwing a rope: 20 points
  • Catching a magic ball: 50 points
  • Defeating a guard: 200 points

Your accumulated points are displayed at the top of the screen, while the time spent reaching the treasure decreases from 5,000 points by 100 points progressively. Your total score is calculated by adding both separate scores on the screen.

Open Sesame Atari 2600 game facts

GAME TITLE: Open Sesame

PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: 3rd party