Sea Monster

In Sea Monster, an action game for the Atari 2600, you’re at the helm of a ship navigating the vast, unpredictable ocean. Your challenge? To fend off the myriad of sea monsters lurking beneath the surface, many of which are intent on sinking your vessel! Your ship sits at the top of the screen, and … Read more

Open Sesame

In Atari 2600’s Open Sesame, you are transported into a mysterious and exotic world, taking on the role of the courageous adventurer from ancient Arabia, Ali Baba. Your objective is to make your way up to the treasure-laden hilltop, dodging the keen guards by going up and down, and utilizing ropes to navigate your path. … Read more

Weltraumtunnel (Space Tunnel)

PAL-Release – Quelle-variant is a BitCorp-clone; also known e.g. as Ataque Laser, Innerspace, Laser Volley, Laser Gate, Laser Gates

Space Tunnel

In Atari 2600’s Space Tunnel, players embark on a space exploration mission with the goal of landing on a new planet. However, during the journey, they accidentally enter a space tunnel where they are relentlessly attacked by strange UFOs. Players must constantly be on their guard, as they never know when or where the UFOs … Read more

Sea Monster (NTSC)

Indeed, Sea Monster (NTSC) is the NTSC (National Television System Committee) version of the Atari 2600 game Sea Monster. (This specifies the video format that the game uses, which is primarily used in North America, parts of South America, and some other countries. This version of the game is designed to work on televisions that … Read more