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About Atari 2600 Tron: Deadly Discs

Tron: Deadly Discs is a video game for the Intellivision console, with an Atari 2600 version released by Mattel. Players control Tron, a red character wielding a yellow Disc, in a square arena with black walls. Enemies enter through doorways and throw their Discs at Tron, who must eliminate them using his own Disc while surviving bonus rounds against the Recognizer.

The player can throw the Disc in eight directions. Initially appearing as a thin horizontal line, the Disc moves in a straight line and can inflict damage or “lock” doors. When it hits a wall or returns to the player upon command, it transforms into a square and becomes harmless.

Tron can block enemy Discs with his own, destroying them and temporarily disarming the enemy until a new Disc arrives ten seconds later.

Doorways through which enemies enter can be jammed open between waves. Initially blue, doors turn green if Tron hits them with his Disc or runs into them. Blue doors close after the current enemy wave, while green doors remain open. Tron can use jammed-open doors to warp across the arena, allowing for easier dodging and Disc retrieval. Enemies cannot use the doors in this manner.

After Tron warps through a pair of doors, a Recognizer appears and begins closing jammed doors. Players can score bonus points by hitting the Recognizer’s vulnerable eye, forcing it off the field and leaving any jammed doors open.

The game ends if Tron touches a Recognizer, sustains too many hits from enemy Discs without sufficient recovery time, or is struck by a paralyzing baton that enemies carry in advanced waves.

Tron: Deadly Discs Atari 2600 game facts

GAME TITLE: Tron: Deadly Discs

PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: 3rd party