Atari 2600 Astroblast is a conversion of Intellivision’s Astrosmash, a fixed shooter video game. The game features a blend of gameplay elements from Space Invaders and Asteroids. Players control a laser cannon that can scroll left or right along a flat plane to target falling objects like large or small meteors, large or small spinning … Read more

Tron: Deadly Discs

Tron: Deadly Discs is a video game for the Intellivision console, with an Atari 2600 version released by Mattel. Players control Tron, a red character wielding a yellow Disc, in a square arena with black walls. Enemies enter through doorways and throw their Discs at Tron, who must eliminate them using his own Disc while … Read more

Lock ‘n’ Chase

Lock ‘n’ Chase, a maze game released in response to Pac-Man, was published by Mattel for the Atari 2600 in 1982. Players control a thief whose objective is to enter a maze, collect all the coins, and any other treasures that may appear, before exiting the maze (a vault) without being caught by the Super … Read more


The player uses a the joystick to guide a frog to each of the empty homes at the top of the screen. The arcade cabinet can be configured to start the game with three, five, or seven frogs. Losing them all results in game over. Frogger is either single-player or two players alternating. The frog … Read more

Frogs and Flies

In Atari 2600 Frogs and Flies (Conversion of Intellivision Frog Bog), players control frogs with the objective of catching and eating as many flies as possible. The game features a single-screen pond environment with lily pads and a day-night cycle that starts with a light blue sky and gradually darkens, ultimately turning black. In single-player … Read more

Dark Cavern

Dark Cavern is a maze-based game for the Atari 2600 where players must navigate through a labyrinth filled with robots, bats, and spiders. The primary objective is to find and pick up a gun that is randomly placed within the maze. This gun provides the player with a limited number of shots to fend off … Read more