Demon Attack

Demon Attack is supposedly based on the 1979 arcade shooter Galaxian, though it closely resembles several waves from the 1980 arcade game Phoenix. The similarities prompted a lawsuit from Atari, Inc., who had purchased the latter’s home video game rights. Imagic settled out of court, and Demon Attack became Imagic’s best-selling game as of 1983. … Read more

Cosmic Ark

Cosmic Ark is an Atari 2600 game. The objective is to gather specimens from different planets in a spaceship which contains the survivors from the city of Atlantis. There are two versions of the cartridge. One allows the player to toggle the starfield display with the Black & White / Color TV switch. In the … Read more


Atlantis is a fixed shooter video game released by Imagic in July 1982 for the Atari 2600. Atlantis gameplay The player controls the last defenses of the City of Atlantis against the Gorgon invaders. The city has seven bases, which are vulnerable to attack. Three of these have firepower capabilities to destroy the Gorgon ships … Read more