Licensed by Amstar Electronics.


Joust, an action game developed by Williams Electronics, was first released in arcades in 1982 and later published by Atari under the Atarisoft label for Atari 2600 in 1983. Joust popularized the concept of two-player cooperative video games due to its success and polished implementation. In Joust, the player controls a yellow knight riding a … Read more

Jungle Hunt

Licensed by Taito Jungle Hunt gameplay ungle Hunt, an Atari 2600 game, is divided into four distinct scenes, each with its own objectives and challenges: Subsequent gameplay repeats the scenes, but with increased difficulty. In rounds other than the first, a cannibal appears in the tree during the cauldron scene, throwing spears at the player. … Read more


Battlezone is a first-person shooter tank combat game first released for arcades in November 1980 by Atari. It was a huge success, approximately 15,000 units sold. Battlezone was ported to Atari 2600 only in 1983. Battlezone gameplay Battlezone uses wireframe vector graphics displayed on a black and white vector monitor. A colored overlay tints the … Read more