River Patrol

In the action-packed game River Patrol on the Atari 2600, you step into the shoes of a boat captain with a daring mission. Your task is to navigate your river patrol boat through multiple levels, rescuing hapless individuals who have fallen into the river swarming with crocodiles. Rescues earn you points but beware, your journey … Read more


In Springer for the Atari 2600, you take on the role of Springer the rabbit. Your objective is to hop from one cloud to another, gathering everything you can in order to reach the sun. To collect items or eggs, simply jump onto the clouds they’re on. If an egg hatches into a dragon, you … Read more


In Espial for Atari 2600, you play as a space attack pilot navigating dangerously close to a massive spaceship. Your mission is to battle endless waves of enemy spacecraft and launch missiles at the spaceship. Use the joystick to control your ship and press the button to shoot both lasers and missiles at the same … Read more