Atari 2600 Coconuts: A Jungle Adventure Dive into the wild with “Coconuts,” where Coco the mischievous monkey is causing chaos by throwing coconuts at Stanley I. Presume, our fearless jungle explorer. It’s your mission to help Stanley dodge these aerial attacks. Watch out, though; Coco’s antics escalate with your success, making the coconuts come at … Read more

Ram It

In Atari 2600’s Ram It, the player assumes the role of the Ramroid, positioned on a track at the center of the screen. The Ramroid has the ability to shoot to the left and right. Colored bars are present on both sides of the screen, and they begin to advance randomly towards the center. The … Read more


Stargunner is a horizontally scrolling shooter for the Atari 2600, where the objective is to stop the invasion of the Sphyzygi and score as many points as possible. Players do this by avoiding bombs and shooting down alien saucers and creatures, such as space buzzies and squeezers. However, players must avoid colliding with them or … Read more

Fast Food

Fast Food is an action game for the Atari 2600, where the player controls a pair of disembodied lips named Mighty Mouth, resembling a Chattery Teeth toy. Various menu items from a fast food restaurant fly across the screen, and the mouth earns points by catching them. However, the player must avoid eating the purple … Read more

Cosmic Creeps

In the game “Cosmic Creeps,” the player must protect the Cosmic Kids from the Cosmic Creeps as they escape a decaying planet, in order to save civilization from destruction. The game is divided into two parts: The Voyage and The Rescue. In the Voyage, the player begins at the bottom in an Orbinaut and must … Read more