Rubik’s Cube 3D

Rubik’s Cube 3-D has two different play modes: Normal and Cheat (toggled by the Left Difficulty switch). In cheat mode, the player can set the colors on the cube to what ever they desire. Players can even create impossible to solve cubes by placing too much of one color or not enough of another. Due … Read more

Pressure Gauge

Atari 2600 Pressure Gauge is a simple yet challenging game with basic graphics. The gameplay involves timing and precision to advance through the levels. The screen displays three vertical lines: a small colored line on the left, a rising line next to it, and a descending line on the right. The objective of the game … Read more


In QB for Atari 2600, your objective is to slide blocks in the left playing field to match the pattern displayed in the right field. You can jump from one block to another, as long as they are adjacent. When you land on a block that has fruit on it, you earn extra points. However, … Read more


According to AtariMania, the source code for Boggle was found on a set of disks that came from Atari. An EPROM version that David Crane once sent to his mother also exists. The game appears to be almost complete, but still has some bugs that need to be fixed. Atari decided not to release Boggle, … Read more