Communist Mutants from Space (cassette)

Communist Mutants from Space Overview Game Development “Communist Mutants from Space” is a classic fixed shooter game, crafted by Stephen H. Landrum for the Atari 2600, utilizing the Starpath Supercharger cassette add-on for enhanced gameplay. Released in 1982 by Starpath (originally known as Arcadia), the game is often compared to “Galaxian,” albeit with more diverse … Read more

Phaser Patrol (cassette)

Phaser Patrol is the first numbered release by Arcadia for the Atari 2600, initially released as the pack-in game for the Atari 2600 Supercharger accessory in 1982. After the launch, the company changed its name to Starpath, and the hardware was rebranded as the Starpath Supercharger. The game offers a thrilling space combat simulation where … Read more

Suicide Mission (cassette)

In Suicide Mission, you take control of a microscopic submarine navigating the bloodstream of a person infected with a virus. Your objective is to eliminate the virus and save the patient. Each time you shoot a cell infected with the virus, it splits into smaller fragments. These pieces will continue to divide until they are … Read more

Party Mix

Contains the following Atari 2600 games: Bop a Buggy, Tug of War, Wizard’s Keep, Down on the Line, Handcar