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About Atari 2600 Communist Mutants from Space (cassette)

Communist Mutants from Space Overview

Game Development

“Communist Mutants from Space” is a classic fixed shooter game, crafted by Stephen H. Landrum for the Atari 2600, utilizing the Starpath Supercharger cassette add-on for enhanced gameplay. Released in 1982 by Starpath (originally known as Arcadia), the game is often compared to “Galaxian,” albeit with more diverse gameplay options.


The game is set against the backdrop of an interstellar conflict involving aliens from the communist planet Rooskee. These invaders target peaceful, democratic worlds, transforming their citizens into “Communist Mutants.” The mutant forces are led by the Mother Creature, an alien that has been driven to madness by exposure to irradiated vodka.

Game Mechanics

Players engage in a battle to eliminate the Mother Creature while dodging attacks from mutants and their projectiles. The game begins with three backup cannons at the player’s disposal. The primary goal is to annihilate the mutant forces and, crucially, the Mother Creature itself. Mutants emerge from eggs that move across the top of the screen, and since the Mother Creature replenishes these eggs, defeating her is essential to progress to the next level. Contact with a mutant or its bomb results in the loss of a cannon, with replacements provided every alternate wave.

Customizable Gameplay

The game features an in-game menu for customizing the play experience. Options include:

  • Shield: Players can activate a shield by pressing down on the joystick, granting temporary invincibility (one shield per level).
  • Time Warp: Slowing down enemies is possible by pressing up on the joystick.
  • Firing Options: Players can enable “penetrating fire” for beams that can hit two mutants simultaneously, and “guided fire” to control the beam’s direction with the joystick.

Additionally, the game supports up to four players. The first and third players use one joystick, while the second and fourth players use another, facilitating a collaborative or competitive gaming environment.

Communist Mutants from Space (cassette) Atari 2600 game facts

GAME TITLE: Communist Mutants from Space (cassette)

PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: 3rd party