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About Atari 2600 Immies & Aggies

Immies and Aggies is an unreleased prototype for the Atari 2600, featuring a unique shooting game that involves marbles. Immies and Aggies are types of marbles, with Aggies being agate marbles and Immies being glass imitations of agates. However, the game graphics primarily consist of squares, which might not clearly represent marbles.

The objective of the game is to shoot the appropriately colored marble (square) with your blaster. At the top of the screen, there is a colored box displaying the current target color, and various shaped squares appear in a random pattern in the middle of the screen. As the colored box gradually disappears, your goal is to shoot as many squares that match the current color as possible. Occasionally, there may not be any squares of the correct color, requiring you to wait for more squares to appear. Once the colored box vanishes entirely, it is replaced by a new color, and you must continue matching and shooting the corresponding squares.

Although unreleased and featuring rather basic graphics, Immies and Aggies offers a distinctive gameplay concept that can be both challenging and entertaining for players.

Immies & Aggies Atari 2600 game facts

GAME TITLE: Immies & Aggies

PLATFORM: Atari 2600

GAME ORIGIN: 3rd party





GAME GENRE: Shoot'em up