World End

Atari 2600 World End is a single-screen shooter game where you play as the last line of defense against a massive alien station that threatens your planet. The alien station occupies the top of the screen and launches a relentless assault on your world. As the player, you control a laser base located at the … Read more


It’s a prototype, never released.

Star Wars – Return of the Jedi – Ewok Adventure

The reason Star Wars – Return of the Jedi – Ewok Adventure was never released, had to do with its controls. According to programmer Larry Gelberg: ‘I had this artistic vision of the purity of the hang-glider controls: forward dives and speeds you up, back climbs and slows you down, and catching thermals every now … Read more

Shooting Arcade

Shooting Arcade is one of only two Atari 2600 games to use the Light Gun (Sentinel being the other), but was never released. Shooting Arcade was not developed in the US, but rather in Mexico by a company called Heuristica. How Axlon was involved is unknown, but they may have simply sub-contracted the game out … Read more


It’s a prototype, never released.