Tanks But No Tanks

In Atari 2600 Tanks But No Tanks, you control a lone tank tasked with defending your outpost against waves of phantom tanks that appear and disappear on the screen. Each level consists of twenty phantom tanks, although not all of them are visible simultaneously. Once you destroy all twenty phantom tanks, you advance to the … Read more

Immies & Aggies

Immies and Aggies is an unreleased prototype for the Atari 2600, featuring a unique shooting game that involves marbles. Immies and Aggies are types of marbles, with Aggies being agate marbles and Immies being glass imitations of agates. However, the game graphics primarily consist of squares, which might not clearly represent marbles. The objective of … Read more

I Want My Mommy

Atari 2600’s I Want My Mommy is the NTSC release of Bit Corporation’s Open Sesame. This version of the game maintains the same level of excitement and challenge as Open Sesame.


Zimag’s NTSC release of Bit Corporation’s Dancing Plate