Atari 2600 Checkers Instructions A New Twist on a Classic Game Checkers, a classic game known by many, has been transformed to allow an entire family to challenge the Activision computer across three difficulty levels. Before jumping into the game, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the basics of moving your pieces and the innovative … Read more

Challenge of Nexar

Atari 2600: The Challenge of Nexar Instruction Manual For Atari and Sears Video Game Systems Welcome to a journey beyond the realms of known galaxies and the constraints of time, to the crucible of inner strength and future warriors. In a distant universe corner, candidates are rigorously trained, yet only the elite withstand the Challenge … Read more


Atari 2600 Challenge Instructions Game Configuration Game Objective In this game, you control a duck attempting to navigate from the bottom right corner of the screen to the top left corner to advance to the next level. How to Play Scoring System

Cat Trax

“Cat Trax,” originally a title for the Arcadia 2001, mirrors the gameplay of “Pac-Man” with elements reminiscent of “Mouse Trap.” UA Ltd. aimed to expand into the Atari 2600 market by adapting its Arcadia 2001 lineup. The Arcadia 2001, a lesser-known gaming console launched in 1982, failed to make a significant impact in the competitive … Read more

Cathouse Blues

In “Cathouse Blues” for the Atari 2600, you play as a character navigating a neighborhood with the goal of remembering the locations of 7 houses with specific occupants. Your objective is to collect money from a teller and visit each of these houses, with each visit costing $20. During the visit, you engage in a … Read more


In “Carnival” for the Atari 2600, players aim to hit moving targets while managing a finite supply of bullets. The game features both a firing button and left/right controls, with the arcade version offering a two-way joystick for movement. Targets move across the screen in three horizontal rows, each scrolling in alternate directions. These targets … Read more

California Games

California Games on the Atari 2600 Introduction:Welcome to the heart of action sports, California, where the sun kisses the shores and the streets buzz with the thrill of competition. California Games is your ticket to the ultimate sports adventure, offering a blend of surfing, BMX biking, skateboarding, and more. Choose your sponsors and dive into … Read more


In “Boing!” for the Atari 2600, you’re in control of a character known as BUBBLE, navigating through a game using the joystick plugged into the left port. The joystick allows BUBBLE to move up, down, left, or right, but not diagonally. By continuously holding the joystick in a direction, BUBBLE will keep jumping that way … Read more


In “Burgertime” for the Atari 2600, you guide a chef through a labyrinth, rushing to assemble hamburgers while dodging enemies. Navigate atop burger parts to make them fall; complete a burger to progress. Earn points by dropping ingredients on foes, squashing them, or catching them on descending parts. Use pepper to freeze enemies momentarily. Avoid … Read more

Beany Bopper

“Beany Bopper” is an Atari 2600 shoot ’em up game developed by Sirius Software, a company based in California, and released by 20th Century Fox Games in 1982. In this game, players take on the role of the “bopper,” depicted as a ball, navigating through a field dotted with rectangular barriers. The primary objective is … Read more