Basic Math

Basic Math (or Fun With Numbers) is an educational cartridge for Atari 2600. The game was one of the nine launch titles offered when the Atari 2600 went on sale in September 1977. Basic Math gameplay The player’s objective is to solve basic arithmetic problems. Game variations determine whether the player solves addition, subtraction, multiplication, … Read more

Video Olympics

Video Olympics is one of the nine 2600 launch titles Atari published when that system was released in September 1977. The cartridge is a collection of games from Atari’s popular arcade Pong series. Sears title: Pong Sports Video Olympics gameplay The games are a collection of bat-and-ball style games, including several previously released by Atari, … Read more

Street Racer

Street Racer, also known as Speedway II in its Sears release, was one of the two launch titles for the Atari 2600, along with Air-Sea Battle. Developed by Larry Kaplan, Street Racer offered a total of 27 game variations, providing players with a diverse gaming experience. The game was divided into six sub-games: Each sub-game … Read more


Sears title: Chase One of the nine Atari 2600 launch games

Star Ship

Star Ship was among the nine initial games available when the Atari VCS debuted on September 11, 1977. Utilizing the joystick controller, players aim to accomplish one of these goals: Eliminate the maximum number of spacecraft and robots within a specified time, all while evading asteroids. Alternate between dodging enemy shots from spacecraft and targeting … Read more

Indy 500

Indy 500 (Sears title: Race) is a racing video game developed by Atari for the Atari 2600, released in 1977. The game offers various modes for players to enjoy: Standard Racing: In this mode, players can either race against the clock to complete as many laps as they can or compete against another player to … Read more

Combat – Tank Plus

Combat is an Atari 2600 game that features 27 game modes, all of which are variations on the tank, biplane, and jet gameplay. These 27 game modes offer various challenges and combinations of tank, biplane, and jet gameplay, making Combat an engaging game with diverse experiences for players. This was one of the nine Atari … Read more


Blackjack for the Atari 2600 is a video game simulation of the popular card game, blackjack. Players use the paddle controller to place bets of up to 25 chips from an initial stack of 200. The game presents an up card, and the player must decide whether to “hit” (accept another card) or stand. The … Read more

Air-Sea Battle

Air-Sea Battle, also known as Target Fun in its Sears release, was one of the two launch titles for the Atari 2600, along with Street Racer. Air-Sea Battle Gameplay There are six basic types of games available in Air-Sea Battle and, for each type, there are one or two groups of three games, for a … Read more