Save the Whales

In Atari 2600’s Save the Whales, a group of whales is migrating from the Arctic Ocean to Baja for breeding purposes. Unfortunately, a whaling ship in the vicinity is targeting them. Your mission is to use your submarine to destroy the nets or harpoons, as well as the radioactive debris, in order to protect the … Read more

Pick Up

Finished, but unreleased until self-published at 2002 Classic Gaming Expo

Mega Force

In 1982, 20th Century Fox developed and published Mega Force, a 2D side-scrolling shooter game for the Atari 2600. The game’s inspiration is derived from a movie with the same name, which was also released at the same time as the game. Northshore Investments, Ltd. owns the trademark for MegaForce, while the game’s copyright belongs … Read more


MASH is an action game for the Atari 2600, based on the popular film and TV series. In the game, players control a helicopter and army doctors, working with the mobile army surgical hospital (MASH) team to rescue wounded soldiers and transport them back to the MAS*H 4077 for medical treatment. The gameplay involves piloting … Read more

Crash Dive

In Atari 2600 Crash Dive, you are tasked with scoring as many points as possible by destroying various enemy targets, including ships, helicopters, planes, giant sharks, stingrays, squids, angler fish, and lobsters. You must accomplish this before running out of fuel or crashing your flying submarine. Additionally, you can earn points by collecting treasures located … Read more

Crypts of Chaos

In Atari 2600’s Crypts of Chaos, the goal is to battle monsters within the crypts, collect treasures, and successfully escape. The starting depth in the crypt depends on the game selection. Choosing game one, two, three, or four places you at levels five, nine, thirteen, or one, respectively. You have various weapons at your disposal: … Read more


“Alien,” a 1982 maze-based video game developed for the Atari 2600 and released by Fox Video Games, centers around navigating a human character through spaceship corridors. The primary objective is to obliterate all Alien eggs scattered throughout by engaging with them. Players accumulate points by collecting various items and must obliterate or evade adult Aliens … Read more