Title Match Pro Wrestling

Title Match Pro is a wrestling game which can be played by one or two players. There are four different wrestlers you can choose from, and two modes of gameplay (one on one, or tag team). Each wrestler can kick, punch, and perform several moves such as the airplane spin, body slam, power lift, and … Read more

Skate Boardin’: A Radical Adventure

In Skate Boardin’: A Radical Adventure for Atari 2600, players are tasked with finding and successfully executing thirty hidden tricks using ramps and pipes, all within a five-minute time limit. To save time, players can “skitch” on the back of moving vehicles. Pressing the fire button causes the player to jump, which is necessary for … Read more

River Raid II

In River Raid II for the Atari 2600, the player assumes the role of an F-14 assault jet pilot on a dangerous mission to destroy an enemy bridge at the top of a heavily guarded river. The gameplay is similar to the original River Raid, with a few additions. Each mission starts on an aircraft … Read more

Double Dragon

In the game Double Dragon, the player takes on the role of a martial arts fighter whose girlfriend has been kidnapped by the Black Warriors gang. The player’s twin brother joins in as the two brothers set out to rescue the girl. The game is a side-scrolling beat ’em up, and the player must fight … Read more