Chuck Norris Superkicks

Atari 2600 Chuck Norris Superkicks Instructions Embark on an adventure in an exotic Oriental setting as “Chuck Norris,” on a mission to rescue a prominent leader held captive in an ancient monastery. Begin your quest as a novice with a White Belt, striving to master karate and earn a Black Belt to gain entry into … Read more

Spike’s Peak

Spike’s Peak is a unique Atari 2600 game where you take control of Spike, a determined climber racing against time. You may choose the dangerous cliff route over the safer path, but this decision will alter your climbing speed and technique. To reach the mountain’s peak, you must complete five different screens while avoiding threats … Read more

Robin Hood

In this game, you take on the role of Robin Hood, whose mission is to rescue the beautiful Maid Marian from the clutches of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, who has imprisoned her in his castle tower. To accomplish this, you must first make your way through Sherwood Forest, which is teeming with the Sheriff’s … Read more

Tomarc the Barbarian

Tomarc the Barbarian is an action game where Senta is held captive in a magical cage, and Tomarc must rescue her. Players control both Tomarc and Senta simultaneously. Tomarc searches for his magic sword in a series of caves before locating Senta to set her free. Players must avoid deadly rats and other dangers while … Read more

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot, released in 1983 for the Atari 2600, involves rescuing a damsel in distress held captive in a castle by a fire-breathing dragon. As Sir Lancelot, players ride the winged horse Pegasus to save her. This action game features two screens per level. In the first screen, players are outside the castle, which is … Read more

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is an action game in which players must rescue Maid Marian from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s castle and steal gold for the poor. The game comprises several screens with unique objectives. First, players navigate through Sherwood Forest, where numerous henchmen are hiding. Players must use arrows to defeat them. After surviving the forest, … Read more

Motocross Racer

Motocross Racer is a fast-paced motorcycle racing game that challenges players to speed through three distinct environments in the least amount of time possible. Each stage features a unique location and perspective. Initially, you’ll traverse a desert landscape from a 3D rear view, dodging rocks, cacti, scorpions, and other obstacles to avoid crashing and losing … Read more