Wall Jump Ninja (PAL)

In Atari 2600 Wall Jump Ninja, the player takes on the role of a ninja and must learn the legendary technique of the “wall jump”. The game features difficulty switches that toggle the presence of lava and hard mode. The player must jump and hold the fire button to jump higher while avoiding spikes and … Read more

Warring Worms

Warring Worms is an Atari 2600 video game based on the classic arcade game Blockade, where players win a round by forcing the opponent to crash into a wall. In Warring Worms, players control worms armed with cannons that fire shots to either kill the opponent or take out a block of the “trail” left … Read more


Keyboard controllers are used to create sound loops

Medieval Mayhem

Remake of Warlords that adds arcade features missing from the original home version.

Lady Bug

Clone of arcade game of the same name. PAL version.