Atari 2600 Exocet, also known as Cruise Missile, is a shooting game released by Froggo. In the game, the player controls a UFO and aims to destroy various cannon towers on the ground and in underground tunnels. The game features eight moving and shooting directions controlled by the joystick and the red button for firing. … Read more

Space Canyon

Space Canyon is an Atari 2600 game in which the player controls a Tactical Advanced Weapons Tank (TAWT) that is ambushed by the Polydites, a hostile warring faction, while patrolling Sighah Canyon. The player is trapped and must fight off the enemies attacking from above and closing in from both ends of the canyon. Gameplay … Read more

Tank Brigade

Panda’s NTSC release of Bit Corporation’s Phantom Tank

Stunt Man

Panda’s NTSC release of Sancho’s Nightmare

Harbor Escape

In the Atari 2600 game titled Harbor Escape, players navigate a covert submarine through classified Russian waters while dodging enemy mines and navigating complex waterways. Periodically, the air supply must be replenished by passing through designated “air” tanks. Players should avoid contact with all objects except those labeled “air.” The game’s resemblance to Activision’s popular … Read more