Congo Bongo

Congo Bongo is an arcade platform game developed by Sega in 1983 and later released for the Atari 2600. The game shares some gameplay elements and similarities with Nintendo’s Donkey Kong from 1981, but it features an isometric perspective similar to Sega’s Zaxxon, released in Japan in late 1981. In Congo Bongo, players control a … Read more

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom for the Atari 2600 is a pseudo-3D rail shooter game set in the 25th century. Players take on the role of Buck Rogers, fighting through 16 levels of increasing difficulty, each with four rounds of intense space combat. The ultimate goal is to defeat the powerful Mother Ship. Throughout the … Read more

Up’n Down

Up’n Down is a vertically scrolling game with a pseudo-3D perspective. Players control a purple dune buggy, resembling a Volkswagen Beetle, as it moves along a single-lane path. Using the joystick, pressing up or down adjusts the buggy’s speed, while pressing left or right changes lanes at intersections. The “jump” button enables the buggy to … Read more


In this game, your objective is to destroy six Core nuclear bases located on the planet’s surface. To do so, you must burrow underground and navigate your way to each of these bases while avoiding patrolling Core Ranger tanks that can destroy you if they get you in their line of fire. There are two … Read more


In Tac/Scan, a space combat shooter game for Atari 2600, the player starts with a squadron of seven individual ships. Throughout the game, ships can be lost in any of the three stages by colliding with a tunnel, getting shot, or coming into contact with an enemy, such as the laser-firing Ahmins from the planet … Read more


In the Atari 2600 game Tapper, you play as a busy bartender tasked with serving a constant stream of thirsty customers across four distinct bars: the Old West Saloon, the Jock Bar, the Punk Rock Bar, and the Space Bar. Each bar features its own unique crowd, making the game increasingly challenging and entertaining. Your … Read more


Sega’s release of its Deep Scan arcade game

Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter is a vertically-scrolling driving game where players assume the role of a secret agent in control of a well-equipped sports car. The objective is to navigate the highway, eliminating as many enemy vehicles as possible while safeguarding civilian cars. The game employs a top-down viewpoint.


It’s a prototype.