Sea Hawk

In Atari 2600’s Sea Hawk, players take control of the Sea Hawk fighter plane in a military battle with the objective of destroying enemy helicopters and ships passing through the battle zone. However, players must be cautious as enemy ships will launch ship-to-air missiles that could catch the Sea Hawk off guard. Additionally, enemy helicopters … Read more

Task Force

Froggo’s release of Spectravision’s Gangster Alley

Sprint Master

Sprint Master is an exhilarating racing game featuring an overhead view of the racetrack where two players compete to complete the required number of laps first. Occasionally, bonuses materialize on the track, which can improve your car’s traction or provide a short-lived speed increase. However, obstacles like oil slicks may also emerge, leading to loss … Read more

Sea Hawk

Sea Hawk for the Atari 2600 is a fast-paced shooting game in which the player controls a fighter jet called the Sea Hawk, engaging enemy helicopters and ships. The player has two weapons at their disposal: missiles and bombs. The objective is to destroy the enemy forces while avoiding being hit by enemy missiles. If … Read more

River Raid II

In River Raid II for the Atari 2600, the player assumes the role of an F-14 assault jet pilot on a dangerous mission to destroy an enemy bridge at the top of a heavily guarded river. The gameplay is similar to the original River Raid, with a few additions. Each mission starts on an aircraft … Read more