Other names: Guignol, Schussel der Polizistenschreck


Unfortunately by the time Wizard was ready to be released (1980), Atari was starting to make 4K games with better sounds and graphics than their 2K predecessors. According to programmer Chris Crawford: ‘It didn’t fit well into the product line’. Wizard was simply too dated to be released as is, but probably could have been … Read more


Swordfight is a two-player competitive game that features one-on-one sword duels. The game is designed for players to face off against each other, with each player controlling a character wielding a sword that closely resembles a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise, both in appearance and sound effects. To play the game, players use the … Read more


Telepathy is one of two known prototype games that were developed for Atari’s failed MindLink controller. (source: AtariMania.com)

Stunt Cycle

Stunt Cycle was one of Atari’s first non-Pong standalone consoles. In 1980 Atari decided that Stunt Cycle would make a great Atari 2600 game, so programmer Bob Polaro was asked to do the conversion. Using the Paddle Controllers to simulate the original consoles bike grips, Polaro made a near perfect port of the standalone console. … Read more


An unplayable demo, never got past the early prototype stage.