Secret Agent

Secret Agent is an unreleased prototype game for the Atari 2600, developed by Data Age. In 2001, produced a limited run of 50 cartridges with Data Age-style labels and a one-page manual, which were sold at the 2001 Classic Gaming Expo. The game’s premise revolves around the player taking on the role of a … Read more

Alligator People

Atari 2600 Alligator People is an unreleased prototype game based on the 1959 movie “The Alligator People.” Although never officially released, the game was in development during the early years of the Atari 2600. The game was intended to capitalize on the popularity of the movie, which features a storyline about a man who undergoes … Read more


Telepathy was a prototype game developed for Atari’s Mindlink controller, an innovative yet ultimately failed attempt to create a more immersive gaming experience. The Mindlink controller was a headband that players wore, connecting to the joystick port of their gaming system. The controller was designed to detect facial movements and muscle twitches, theoretically allowing players … Read more

Sea Hunt

Atari 2600 Sea Hunt is an exciting underwater adventure game where players assume the role of a treasure hunter, diving into the depths of the ocean to recover the riches from a sunken Spanish galleon. The game is filled with danger, as players must navigate their way through waters infested with man-eating fish and vicious … Read more


Atari 2600 Pompeii is an unreleased game that was planned to be developed by Apollo before the company folded due to the video game crash. Based on the available box art and brief descriptions, the game’s premise centered around an Indiana Jones-like archaeologist exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii in search of … Read more


Atari 2600 Skindiver is an underwater adventure game that has two levels: 1. Hunting fish and 2. Searching for treasure. The game offers four speed levels for players to choose from, affecting the speed of the fish and sea monsters. The background music starts as soon as the power is turned on, and the player … Read more


Other names: Guignol, Schussel der Polizistenschreck


Unfortunately by the time Wizard was ready to be released (1980), Atari was starting to make 4K games with better sounds and graphics than their 2K predecessors. According to programmer Chris Crawford: ‘It didn’t fit well into the product line’. Wizard was simply too dated to be released as is, but probably could have been … Read more


Thwocker is an unreleased Activision prototype for the Atari 2600, discovered in 2001 at a thrift shop alongside other prototypes. Developed by Charlie Heath, who also created Reactor, Thwocker has been described as “Joust with musical instruments.” The player controls a little conductor character, resembling a bowling ball, and must bounce around a maze collecting … Read more


Swordfight is a two-player competitive game that features one-on-one sword duels. The game is designed for players to face off against each other, with each player controlling a character wielding a sword that closely resembles a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise, both in appearance and sound effects. To play the game, players use the … Read more