Warlords resembles a combination of Breakout and Quadrapong (an early Atari arcade game); up to four players play the game at the same time, and the “castles” in the four corners of the screen are brick walls that can be broken with a flaming ball. Warlords gameplay Warlords is a battle between four warlords, 1-4 … Read more

Venetian Blinds Demo

It’s a prototype. Activision never made a game out of this demo, the sunset was later used in the background of Barnstorming, Chopper Command, Seaquest and Pitfall II – Lost Caverns. (source: AtariMania.com)

Missile Command

Missile Command is a 1980 shoot’em up arcade video game developed and published by Atari. Atari brought the game to its home systems beginning with the 1981 Atari VCS port by Rob Fulop which sold over 2.5 million copies. The player’s six cities are being attacked by an endless hail of ballistic missiles, some of … Read more