Star Wars: The Arcade Game

Star Wars is a first-person rail shooter video game released in arcades in 1983 by Atari. Star Wars was converted by Parker Brothers in 1984 to the Atari 2600. Star Wars gameplay Assuming the role of Luke Skywalker (“Red Five”), the player pilots an X-wing fighter from a first-person perspective. The controls consist of a … Read more


Reissued by Atari in 1988 (CX-26150) Q*bert Atari 2600 Instruction manual Q*BERT OBJECTIVES To score as many points as possible by changing the colour of the cubes on the pyramid from a starting colour to a destination colour. You’ll do this by hopping Q*bert from cube to cube while avoiding the “nasty” characters who will … Read more

Mouse Trap

Licensed by Exidy; reissued by Atari in 1988 (CX-26146)